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The world is destroyed when the remaining survivors in ZOMBIE FIRE 3D begin to survive. They look for every opportunity to return people to everyday life. But that will probably be a rather long and continuous story. Of course, because most of them have been transformed into undead. They went crazy and lost all their humanity. They are not knowing anything but bite each other. That’s why you should look for all that is needed. Then use them to boost all your chances. Just a little bit can be a great relief.

The post-apocalyptic world is an exciting place to have mining themes. With good graphics like ZOMBIE FIRE 3D, not many products can do it. This is the highly famous zombie shooting genre from different game generations. Surviving and returning is the highest goal that you must achieve. Shooting skills need to be not only accurate but also fast. However, it will not be too tricky like other FPS games fighting PvP. Focus on exciting events that people can experience. There is only a ruined world and few people in it.

ZOMBIE FIRE 3D mod free

Download ZOMBIE FIRE 3D mod – Fight the invasion of the undead.

When a strange virus appeared and spread out, people were infected. They went mad and lost all kinds of human thought and action. There exists only in it a frenzy that never ends. Infection occurs by biting or damaging. This makes almost the whole world infected. Only a few people with amazing bodies have miraculously survived. They set out and search for all the things that can sustain life. It would be best if you used the gun at each level to resist the attack. Repel the undead as quickly as possible to protect your teammates. Help all bases have the most vigorous defence possible.

Potent weapon

The weapons that the pupils use can only be guns. Guns of all types can repel zombies. However, their effectiveness is very different. Specifically, you will be able to carry two types of firearms, the main gun and the secondary gun. The main guns will be crossbows, rifles, machine guns or submachine guns. Secondary guns are more miniature than pistols. Fire intense firepower at enemies so they can’t come forward. If they catch you, there will be nothing left after that. The more money you spend on expensive guns, the more you will have an advantage. Quickly pass the challenging levels and have a full range of perfect accessories.

ZOMBIE FIRE 3D mod apk

Support needed

If, unfortunately, you encounter the siege of the opponent, do not worry. Because bombs will help us solve this problem quickly, each bomb, when thrown, will create a massive explosion. That causes all surrounding undead to take damage. And you can blow them away neatly. Next is the unfortunate thing of being attacked or taking damage from zombies. Don’t worry too much because the first aid kit will help you heal. Restores a certain amount of HP for battle. So with only these two things, you can protect yourself in an emergency. However, they can only be used for a limited time, so consider them carefully.


In addition to regular zombies, there are many other dangers. Such as facing the mutant zombies that appear. The easiest thing to notice is that they have developed specifically in appearance. Next are attack abilities that are as dangerous as humans. The resistance and damage are also better than regular zombies. Face-to-face is your battle for survival in ZOMBIE FIRE 3D mod.

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How to install ZOMBIE FIRE 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money/Grenade/First Aid Kit) 1.25.1 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded ZOMBIE FIRE 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money/Grenade/First Aid Kit) 1.25.1 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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